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With vast experience and unrivalled expertise, our experts are able to offer excellent advice and consultancy services to commercial clients. Our professional team ensure that your company is in line with the latest legislation and that you’re undertaking processes safely. Call Alpha Fire And Air Solutions Limited now to find out more about what we do.

Complying with Legislation

When working on a building project, it’s essential that you work to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005. As informed and experienced experts, we’re able to carry out a thorough compartmentalisation survey, ensuring full legislation compliance. We offer a professional service to make sure that everything is covered and that all safety precautions and risks are taken into account throughout. All of these elements must be considered to ensure full compliance of PFP within a building.

Services, Support, and Advice

As experts in the industry, we’re renowned for providing specialist passive fire protection services to clients’ projects or properties. All of our work meets current legislation and our consultancy services include design, on-site surveys, and the supply, installation, or application of:

Services, Support, and Advice

  • Fire Stopping to Service Penetrations

  • Intumescent Paint to Steelwork

  • Board Protection to Structural Steel

  • Fire Barriers

  • Rust Prevention and Protective Coatings to Structural Steel Work

Consultancy Services

Whether you need a one-day passive fire report or a full-site inspection, our team are on hand to deliver a detailed site survey. Our team provides information on anything from the overall state of the PFP within a building to itemised summaries of the quantity of PFP works required within a building. Ensure that your processes comply with building regulations by trusting us.

The following items form part of the passive fire protection within a building and must be considered to ensure full compliance of PFP:

Consultancy Services

  • Fire Doors

  • Fire-Resting Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

  • Fire-Resisting Ducts and Dampers

  • Service Penetrations

  • Fire Protection to Structural Components

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