Fire Stopping to Service Penetrations

At Alpha Fire And Air Solutions Limited, we provide fire stopping and prevention solutions in the hope of helping to prevent blazes from causing serious damage. Our fire stop batts are used to provide a fire barrier in compartment walls and floors, under raised floor tiles, above false ceilings, and within plant rooms to achieve a minimum of one-hour fire protection and cold smoke seal. Call us now to learn more

What Are Fire Stop Batts?

Fire stop batts are 60mm-thick, lightweight, flexible, high-density, mineral-fibre barrier systems that are coated with a white fire-resistant barrier coat. These have been widely tested to BS476 part 20, and are approved as a vertical barrier up to 3m in height with integral support and are resistant to moisture, movement, and vibration. If additional services are required once the fire stop batt system has been installed, pipes and cables can easily be installed with no additional maintenance required if a tight fit is achieved.

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